Free Site Survey

Why Do I need a Site Survey?

Installing a Wood Burner in any scenario comes with unique considerations and challenges.  This is why it's best for us to visit your site to make a full evaluation before you consider which stove might be appropriate.  A site survey is always recommended as the first step if you are considering getting a Wood Burning Stove.

What happens on the Survey?

We work with you in assessing your desired installation location.  We will look at the size of the stove needed for your room.  We will consider the exhaust flue installation and regulations along with ventilation considerations.  We'll make a full assessment of leave you with our best adice.  

The aim of a site visit is to help you find the best stove, installation kit and the most effective system to help you get the best from your stove installations.  We give impartial advice from experience gained over many years of selling and installing wood burning stoves.

Are there any obligations?

No. Our free sites surveys are just that - free.  We will leave you with our best advice and recommendations, but you are under no obligations following the site visit.

What Next?  How do I Book a Free Survey?

Please contact the Showroom to Book an appointment for a FREE site survey.