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FAQ List

Can any property have a stove?
Can I burn wood in a smoke control zone?
Can I connect my stove to a central heating system?
Can I fit the stove myself?
Can I install a stove in my conservatory?
Can you supply a stove that I find elsewhere online?
Carbon Monoxide poisoning only happens with gas doesn’t?
Do I have to have a DEFRA Approved stove?
Do I need to buy and store wood in advance?
Do I need to line my chimney?
Do I need to perform regular maintenance?
Do I need ventilation?
Do you do a free survey?
How can I clean the glass in my stove?
How do I know if the wood I burn on my stove is dry?
How do I know which stove to choose?
How dry does my wood need to be?
How long does it take to install a stove or woodburner?
How much wood will I need?
How should I insulate my flue?
I don’t have a chimney – can I still have a stove?
I have a wood floor - can I stand my woodburner on it?
I have taken out a gas fire, can I connect a woodburner or solid fuel stove to the gas liner?
I only have a 16” opening in my fireplace. Can I still have a woodburning stove?
If I don’t have a traditional opening or chimney stack, can I still have a solid fuel fire?
If I have a back boiler will it reduce the output from the stove?
Should I buy a cast iron stove or a steel stove?
What are the benefits of a solid fuel stove over a traditional open fireplace?
What does DEFRA Approved mean?
What does HETAS mean?
What does Stove Efficiency mean?
What fuel can I burn on my multifuel stove?
What happens to the installation certificate?
What is a clean burn system?
What is a data plate and why do I need one?
What is an airwash system?
What is an Ecofan?
What is DIN plus?
What should I expect the first time a light my new stove?
What Size Hearth Do I Need?
What size stove will I need?
What sort of hearth do I need?
Where do I find a reliable wood merchant?
Who are HETAS?
Why do I need a carbon monoxide detector?
Why do I need a HETAS certificate?
Why is it important that the stove is airtight?
Why is the glass on my stove going black?
Will it affect my house insurance if I don’t line my chimney?
Woodburner or Multifuel stove?